Welcome and hello

Welcome and hello, to my journey through the magic of words about how I see my world.

I’m starting my blog in a frantic time of 2 weeks before Christmas, how wise this decision is, will unfold in the coming weeks, my aim is to share my thoughts and recipes of a gluten free, IBS sufferer and slimming world member, plus musings from travel, my life, my loves, my laughs and how to do all of the above.

I am open to comments, hints, and tips- we are  never to old to learn.

A little information about myself- my name is Helen, I am 39.5 years of age, my profession is a Technical Support Specialist and I work for Fujitsu Ltd and have done so for 16 years, Chris is my partner of 6 years who has 3 lovely boys (17, 14, 10). I reside in  the UK near Wigan.

As mentioned above I have IBS and find the best route to control my condition is to strictly follow the coeliac diet (gluten free(gf)), in doing this, I rarely suffer from ibs symptoms unless I accidently consume gluten, or overly stressed. I am a member of slimming world(sw), I have reached and maintained my target for over a year and recently reset to be more within my bmi range. I enjoy adapting recipes to be suitable for gf and to fit within the sw plan.

I raise money for charity and one of my favourite ways of doing this is to cosplay Princess Aurora with my evil fairy queen, Maleficent, and put smiles on children’s and some adults faces

My aim is to update with recipes, life comments, sharing travels, interesting stories, and observations


5 thoughts on “Welcome and hello

  1. Hi Ladee Helen 😊 hope you don’t think I’m stalking you but I’m looking forward to your recipes especially the ones with the ibs adaptions
    Thank you in advance polly Mc


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