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Days off, hospitals and Christmas curry

Today I have been in annual leave, this close to Christmas you’d expect shopping would involved, but alas, that will wait until another day …. I’m not worried about my lack of gifts v’s days left- honest.

I spent my morning in hospital, sounds dramatic, and to a certain extent it was. I was having a x-ray led dye injection in my left hip to allow the MRI scanner get the best light and angle. The slight scratch of the local anesthetic and the feeling of the needle plunging deeper into your body was thankfully the worst part.

Actually scrap that, the worst part was walking with my ball and socket being separated- things we do for art, or something!

MRI scan was relaxing, I think I dozed off, or at least went on a rather dreamy trip to the background of whirring, bangs, knocks and a mechanical pulse- ah… bliss

Rocking the hospital gown

Lunch was paprika  mixed pan fried veg with a minty quark dressing, syn free and delicious.



Part two of my day involves a trip into Manchester for my works Christmas meal out, we’re going to a restaurant called Mowgli Street Food, there will be 4 of us, and we’re all travelling by public transport with a work talk ban, thinking of a drinking game to use as punishment… or at least to get us pissed enough to tell crappy jokes or bad puns- which are my favourite, in case you were wondering.

Train selfie

Tonight I will not be following slimming world, but the menu looks awesome for gluten free and includes choices for starters, mains and dessert (eep pudding).

Nearly arrived at the destination- eep x

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