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Why slimming world?

It’s a good question, why slimming world?

I’ve tried other diets throughout the years and felt I was always denying myself something, here’s a few, I’ve tried more;

Weight Watchers, I became obsessive writing a daily and working out points etc, it gave results, but if I’m honest, it was exhausting. You also find yourself buying a lot of their (expensive) products, just for the ease of adding up points.

5:2, I thought I became obsessed with WW, until I tried this one. Five days eat normally, and within the recommended daily allowance, 2 two days 500 kcal only. The obsessive part was when you realised you were making soup for lunch which you’d allowed yourself 150 kcal and you were working out how many calories were in a floret of broccoli, a slice of wafer thin ham and a mushroom (singular). As well as being hungry…. everyday, I was also irritable, not sleeping and constantly thinking about food- this is not a great way to live. I did it for about 3/4 weeks…ish.

Cabbage soup, when I say cabbage, it’s more like a super food veg soup with a lot of cabbage, and it was really not fun.

The take away diet, at this point I did not know I had IBS, so the more takeaway I was eating, the less I was weighing. Yes, it was highly addictive, highly unhealthy, and sugar content was off the roof. Not that it was digested nor stayed in my system long enough to be a problem, other than I wasn’t actually eating anything. This cost a lot, and caused a lot of pain and basically had a bad effect on most things (hair, skin, eyes). Thankfully this was a week, and then I went to the supermarket.

Gluten free, YES, finally found something that agreed with my system, didn’t hurt, didn’t make my inside feel like a fight club was happening inside, make me clumsy, make me fuzzy round the edge, plus my quality of sleep improved, skin cleared up (adult acne- what’s all that about?), concentration levels went up.

This wasn’t all rosy, there were times I was crying in the supermarket as I couldn’t see what I could eat, everything (at that point) seemed to contain gluten. Dinner invites from friends stopped- they struggled to find dishes suitable, eating out was, and sometimes still is terrible, I feel like I’m awkward. I felt like I was constantly missing out, I started eating more and more cakes, biscuits, ready gf meals, all not very healthy.

I needed to change.

Slimming world was that change, I filled in a diary for 4 four  weeks, I had support in my group, consultant, members and recipes online. Most are easily adaptable to be gluten free, you have measured healthy choices (dairy and fibre), a load of free food, and syns which are measured empty calories, to finish a meal, or have a treat. I don’t feel like I am on a diet at all.

I started March 2015, reached target August 2015, maintained and recently lowered my target so I’m comfortably within my bmi range.

The two pictures below are a before and after. The first is from about 2009, when I was at my heaviest. The second is yesterday, the angle is reasonably flattering.


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