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Balsamic strawberry pork medallions

Serves 2, 1.5 syns


  • 4 pork medallions
  • 2 bacon medallions
  • 300g of strawberries, nicely ripe, sliced
  • 100ml of balsamic vinegar
  • garlic (I used lazy garlic, about 1 tspn)
  • Fry light


  • Fry light baking sheet, place pork, add a bit of pepper to each
  • put it into the oven on 190 degrees for 30 mins
  • Chop the bacon into squares, and fry
  • Add the garlic into the pan and cook over a medium high heat with Frylight
  • cook for around two minutes until slightly golden
  • add the balsamic vinegar and half of the strawberries
  • bring to a boil and then allow to simmer for ten minutes – your kitchen will smell lovely
  • Baste it with a few spoons of the balsamic strawberries and bake for about a few minutes
  • Add the other half of the sliced strawberries into the balsamic pan
  • I served with roasted cauliflower and carrot batons and steamed green beans

Enjoy x


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